Saturday, 22 May 2010

AmJO-DO,May 2010, Distances between facial landmarks with a new digital 3D video system

The  Smart Eye system, developed in Sweden is a technique using 2-5 cameras for realtime video and measurement of facial landmarks such as the left and right endocanthium (Lc, Rc) and the left and right comissures (Lco, Rco). The system is developed initially to be applied on your car dashboard, and evaluate realtime, the attention and readiness of the driver.

The Geneva group of Prof Killiaridis, made a study on the AmJO of May, to assess the use of this system measuring facial landmarks that are vital to our orthodontic treatment.

American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Volume 137, Issue 5, Pages 573-720 (May 2010)

Material consisted of 16 individuals, and were measured at rest, posed and aggressive smile. Results showed a good reproducibility, and the measurements of inter-canthian width matched the ones done clinically on those 16 patients.

The advantages of such a system for example in soft tissue analysis of surgical patients is obvious, as the realtime video can capture and measure facial expressions and how the statical usual measurements change over those expressions, giving an in-depth measuring tool, both for research and clinical purposes.

Article link in Science Direct
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