Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Loops, A Short View of Some Configurations

This is a very short view on the vast field of loops and the application of them in Orthodontics. Most common are the closing loops, and there have been a lot of loops suggested from different clinicians over time.

Loops, were used more, years ago when the length of the wire was increased by the bend of loops and wires were becoming more flexible and applying more constant forces and moments during deactivation.

Loops are pre-activated or not and apply frictionless mechanics, as there is no sliding of the wire in the bracket slot during deactivation. Some photos of loops on round and rectangular wires follow:

On round australian wire, those loops can be bend on a stainless steel as well.

Canine retraction and closing loops bended on rectangular stainless steel (19x25SS)

For those interested in loops there is a win98, freeware program, to download than can calculate forces and moments created by preset loops or loops you draw yourself. It is on Dr.Halazonetis website

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