Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Nordic Orthodontic Society, Symposium 2010, Aalborg

The congress of the Nordic Orthodontic Society for 2010, is a few days away. It will be held in the northern of Denmark, at the city of Aalborg on the 23 to 25th of September. It is the 21st one in the history of the society and has attracted a number of interesting foreign lecturers from around the globe.

This is the link to the website of the congress along with the link of the scientific program for those three days

Of our own in Aarhus dental school, D. Kraft, M.Laursen, D.Binsley, R.Salih, A.Mortensen, A.Juul.
Lectures from the Copenhagen school, from prof. I.Kjær, and L. Sonnesen, among others.

Prof. Birtte Melsen will end the symposium with a lecture, discussing "the part of orthodontics in reconstructing degenerative dention patients"

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