Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, iPad Version

Formerly called Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial, and after 14 years of life, it begun publishing an english version as well. That was at the start of 2010.

The brazilian journal now called Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics has launched an iPad app which is I believe the first of its kind for known orthodontic journals.

The first 6 issues will be free, and the app itself is free as well. I imagine that the in app subscriptions system will be activated after those 6 free issues, but nothing further is mentioned at this time.

Here's a screenshot from the app:

and the journal's website link :

The current issue consists of articles heavily focused at CBCT and 3D data oriented research material. Also an interesting interview of Dr.Cevidanes is included.



  1. What an interesting article, thank your for sharing I really enjoyed it. I have always been interested in orthodontist Oakville. The idea of being able to readjust your bones to how you like them in one of your most sensitive parts of your body is really interesting to me. I love it and love reading up on it. Thanks again for sharing!


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