Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Orthodontic Recession Defects, Modified Approach

5mm recession on 23 post-orthodontics.

This is a very common deffect or sideffect if you prefer, especially with the over expansion tendency that we see now a days, with the self ligation trend in orthodontics.

This can be addressed interdisciplinary from a periodontologist. Different protocols are performed to correct this deffects, through-out literature.

A less invasive technic is, a modified coronally advanced flap, surgery. a few pictures from a case are presented with a recession on the canine area, post orthodontics, which is the most common and aesthetically, demanding area.

Trapezoid incision.

Anatomical papilla de-epithelized

Flap advanced coronally and stiched.

14 days after coronal flap advancement, notice the new epithelium when compared with the previous after surgery picture.

180 days after surgery.

  • This is a modified technic, with minimum invasion.
Notes: This is just one case, with an obvious favorable result, and should be taken as one successful example just to show shortly and illustrative, the steps of this flap advancement technic.

Pictures from the Sibar Institude of Dental Science and case 1209 

Other resources : http://stonerperiospecialists.com/uploads/2010/03/Case-Report-1-Final-Draft.pdf
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