Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Roth Williams International Society, Journal Vol. 1

RWISO is focusing on the "legacy"of Dr W.Roth, which is function driven. For some a little old fashion perhaps, however this is definitely a website that is worth some of your attention as a specialist.

The society has issued the 1st volume of an annual journal in May 2009, the link is here, and content is free. Some of the articles of this 53 pages journal:

  • Orthodontics and Bioesthetics: A Perfect Symbiosis
  • Assessment of the Three-Dimensional Condylar and Dental Positional Relationships in CR-to-MIC Shifts
  • Canine Substitution for the Missing Upper Lateral Incisor—Strategies to Obtain Optimal Dento-Gingival Esthetics and Functional Occlusion
  • The Effect of Tooth Wear on a Postorthodontic Pain Patient
  • Hinge Axis — The Need for Accuracy in Precision Mounting
Next volume is planed in September 2010

Also the society is having the 17th meeting in September 2010 and the link follows.
17th Annual RWISO Meeting 
September 23-25, 2010 
Radisson Blu es Hotel Rome, Italy

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