Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This is not Orthodontics.

In between my summer vacation in Greece, I came across an article at the Dental Tribune. For those not familiar with DT, it is one of the most well known dental journals, both online and in paper, distributed in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada in an impressive amount of languages. Also lately there is an Orthodontic Edition named Ortho Tribune.

Yesterday there was an article published labeled "Insta - Orthodontics".  In short, prosthetics done instead of orthodontics on patients with localized rotations and crowding.
Time is so precious and few, so I will spare you the rest and post a few of the pictures from the case presented in the article.

This is the initial upper intra-oral picture of a female patient presented with crowding, rotations.

Preparation picture, that is made from 15 to 25

Final prosthetic reconstruction

I would like to point out a few facts :
  • Tooth substance unfortunately up to date at least, does not regenerate.
  • Malocclusions is not an isolated incident of crowding or rotations on the upper or lower jaw front.
I am sorry if I sound rough, but seen in such a widely read journal, a post of destruction of a patient's upper dentition, presented as a breakthrough and an excellent treatment, I couldn't resist.

I would love your feedback and comments.

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