Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Reduction of biofilm on brackets coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

On the European Journal of Orthodontics of August there is an interesting article, from a german group in Hannover. "Reduction of biofilm on orthodontic brackets with the use of PTFE coating"

Decalcification from poor brushing might lead to permanent white spots on the enamel surface of teeth, and that is unfortunately, a quite common finding after orthodontic treatment that is applied buccaly with conventional brackets.
Main reason of course is the poor hygeine, and that is the patient's side of the coin. However having brackets that simply accumulate less plaque on their surfaces is certainly a move to the right direction of reducing this problem.

The small study of the above article consisted of 13 patients - volunteers with brackets bonded on their first molars. The method used for quantifying the biofilm on those brackets after 8 weeks, was with a scanning electon microscopy technique.


  • The biofilm covered 4% of the coated with PTFE brackets surface
  • And 22% of the conventional brackets surface
Statistically significant difference.

Conventional bracket, biofilm is covering a large portion of it's surface

Bracket coated with PTFE.


Coating orthodontic brackets with PTFE could be an extra measurement to prevent white spots after orthodontic treatment, however the clinician should always remember that the one and only real measurement should be the motivation and instruction of their patients of proper brushing and oral hygiene especially during the orthodontic treatment. 


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