Monday, 27 December 2010

Short Christmas Post: Concerning CBCT and it's Use in Orthodontics

Cone Beam CT has it's share of publicity and praise from the orthodontic world for some years now. Having personally worked extensively with New Tom and it's software I must say that it is a wonderful tool in the hands of the clinician.

It is not however the tool to replace conventional X-Rays, mainly because diagnostically it does not add to the evaluation of all orthodontic patients, and to treatment planing efficiency and outcome.

In cases of extensive oral surgery, syndromic and asymmetric patients, the 3D data files can be used as such and enhance treatment planing with benefit for the patient. It's increased dosage however is a serious drawback especially for simple orthodontic patients of young or adolescence age groups. 

In addition to that there is a concern for the fact that the 3D data is not used in those cases. Instead 2D images are produced of lateral and frontal cephalogram as well as panoramic X-ray from the 3D raw data.

These concerns and criticism over the extensive usage of CBCT are presented at an article of the New York Times. This is the link to that article.

Please take some time to watch the following video:

Also take a look at the dosage from several CBCTs in the market when compared with a conventional panoramic X-Ray or a chest X-Ray. Please note the pronounced difference in dosage per scan for each of the CBCTs listed. 

-Click to enlarge-

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