Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pediatric Reuhmatology International Trial Organization, PRINTO

PRINTO organization started in 1996 by Alberto Martini, and Nicollino Ruperto. Initially it consisted of rheumatoid arthritis centers in 14 countries. Today it numbers 50 countries and more than 350 centers. 

It is a non profit, non governmental, International organization. Its' aim is the collaboration of different centers around the world to the better understanding, treatment and of-course research in the field of  pediatric rheumatoid diseases. More information can be found here. 

Two of the ongoing projects of the organization:
A list of prior trials and projects of the organization can be found here.

There is a large database of all basic information related to Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (poly-, oligo-arthritis, extended or not, and systemic arthritis), Skleroderma, Bechet, Lupus, and other relevant pediatric rheumatoid diseases. This is the link and it is a database translated in more than 15 languages.

Those patients are closely related with dentistry and orthodontics in particular. They are closely followed by dental specialists as there is manifestation at the TMJs quite often. The approach of those patients orthodontically differs from center to center. A treatment approach that has presented interesting results, is of distraction of the condyle with splints or activators in order to literally "pull" the condyle out of the inflammation site through out the whole growth period. In that sense the JIA patients will get some of the growth potential that they would otherwise have had if there was no symptoms at the TMJ region.

Typical face of JIA patients is of pronounced retrognathism or asymmetries if one joint is affected, which if not addressed early during growth, an orthognathic correction or distraction osteogenesis is essential, in early adulthood. 

This is not a new organization but it certainly worth mentioning.


p.s. another relevant and new organization :
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