Sunday, 27 February 2011

Force and moment monitoring system for fixed orthodontic appliances

The university of Freiburg, Germany, and its Orthodontic Department, are providing public pictures of their research project. It consists of stress sensors that can be embedded at a conventional metal bracket's base. 

The idea is initially for this concept to be used in typodonts with plastic teeth. The stress sensor chips can transmit wireless data of moments and force magnitudes when conventional orthodontic wires are ligated in the slot of those so called "smart brackets". This way finite element models can be produced with graphical illustration of the stress and strains applied to the typodont teeth.

This model could prove useful in generating an expensive for sure but responsive and acurate model, that can be used in in-vitro studies. Research is the only field for now that can benefit from the use of such a system of stress sensors. Clinical relevance results can be however made from future lab studies using the system. Time will only tell.


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