Sunday, 24 April 2011

AJODO, Point and Counterpoint.

When a new editor takes over a journal usually there's changes following. The fairly new editor of the American Journal Dr. Vincent Kokich is certainly putting an efford to introduce new features to the journal and its readers.

One of those features is the Point - Counterpoint section, that consists of two articles on the same topic analyzing it from different prospectives. The idea is very interesting and clinically orientated as well, as this kind of controversial topics usually come from decisions that clinicians have to make over a dilemma of some sort.

For those of you who are not aware of this new section at the AJODO this month's edition hosts two articles concerning congenital missing lateral incisors. This is a topic that Dr Kokich has been involved with for years.

For those of you with access to the journal follow the above links and read those very interesting articles.

Another feature that the new AJODO has introduced is online only articles, but for a better overview of all those features here's a video of Dr Kokich:

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