Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Orthodontic Journal

Since last week it is possible to purchase online the new Orthodontic Journal named "The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement".

The former World Journal of Orthodontics appears with a completely new structure.
The editor-in-chief, Dr. Rafi Romano, together with his associate editor, Dr. Marc Ackerman, organized the Journal in 10 categories:

1. Editorial [Upon request only]
2. Technology [Latest technological innovations related to orthodontics]
3. Controversy [Controversial topics in orthodontics]
4. Treatment Planning Challenge [Upon request only]
5. Case Reports [High-quality before and after photographs with full description of treatment sequence]
6. Scientific Innovations [Scientific updates, in vivo / in vitro research]
7. Practice Pearls [Tips and tricks for the orthodontist’s daily work]
8. Management [Practice management, marketing, and psychological aspects of the orthodontic treatment]
9. Interdisciplinary Advances [Cases and/or research with interdisciplinary orientation]
10. Vignettes [Stories from the history of orthodontics, appliance invention, etc]

This Journal offers the Orthodontic community an essential source of knowledge and aims to continuously improve and adjust to the exigence of its subscribers.


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