Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mini-screws is just a tool among others!

With Dr. Kokich at the EOS 2012

Driven from the recent editorial article of Dr. Kokich at the AJODO, I would like to emphasize what this article was all about.

TADs have been around for some time now in the orthodontic field, and have changed the approach we follow at a number of cases.

  • This is all wonderful but we should also remember that mini-screws are just a tool among others. 
  • What is really important is correct diagnosis, individualized treatment planning and well designed biomechanics applied to the right patient.
PURE intrusion of anterior and/or posterior teeth for example, is a tooth movement that can be achieved ONLY when the reacting force is not applied to the dentition. A clean way of doing that is bone anchorage. 

  • However we don't want to intrude the anterior too much especially when treating adolescence, where a gummy smile of 4mm IS very normal for their age!
  • Let alone the issue of muscle adaptation when intruding posterior teeth and altering the vertical height of open bite patients...

It feels good to read what I was taught in Aarhus, been repeated by someone like Dr. Kokich and at the AJODO, because unfortunately when you say these things to a group of fellow orthodontists, people tend to look at you a bit strange. Marketing you see...

Thank you ;)

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