Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Clustering In Orthodontic Trials

Long time no see! I was very much pre-occupied with the change of my professional career. I have moved back to Crete and set up my private office which is a few months now ready and working ( The web site is mainly in Greek for now as I am creating it myself both design and content so it takes time.

Now to our subject, clustering in orthodontic trials:

  • First of all clustering is mainly when there are several measurements are taken from the same individual, e.g. measuring inclination of different teeth at the same jaw...
  • The issue here is that those measurements are not independent and "might" have similarities due to the fact that it is the same subject with individual factors that apply to all those teeth (of the above example).
  • As such, this has to be taken to account when calculating the sample size for example, and more-over in deciding what kind of statistical analysis of the data gathered, will be performed to reach safer and more useful conclusions.
I will not get into any further detail in order not to bore you, but whoever is interested in reading a bit more about this very interesting and so widely talked about subject there are two articles at the online early of the European Journal of Orthodontics:

p.s. Do not forget the EOS this June at beautiful Santiago de Compostela, Spain


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